EVO 100 Tube DAC

High Fidelity - Aout 2019
The Ear - Aout 2019
Positive Feedback - Juillet 2019
The Absolute Sound - Novembre 2019
HK award

EVO 100

VUMETRE - Mai - Juin 2019 - Amplificateur Intégré


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EVO 200

“Sounding consistently solid, firm and bigger than its power rating might suggest, the EVO 200 integrated amplifier from PrimaLuna offers tremendous value and I can see it being an end-game for many enthusiasts.” 
NOVO Audio & Technology - 2020 - EVO 200 Amplificateur Intégré
STEREO NET - 2020 - EVO 200 Amplificateur Intégré
HIFI PIG - 2020 - EVO 200 Amplificateur Intégré
HiFi Video Test - 2020 - EVO 200 Préamplificateur & Amplificateur

EVO 300

HIFI + - Novembre 2019 - Préamplificateur + Amplificateur EVO 300

EVO 400

“I’ve been listening to the PrimaLuna  EVO 400 power amps most of the year now (time flies when you’re having fun) and these are a major step beyond in PL’s development. This $9,400 pair of monoblocks stands up to anything. I’ve owned a lot of great tube amps over the last 40 years and considering the price/performance/build quality, these are the Sh*t. Keep in mind, my original ProLogue One (reviewed for The Absolute sound back in 2003) is still going strong without a single hiccup. Like the great tube amps from McIntosh and Marantz, these are amplifiers you’ll be able to hand down to a family member. And be proud you did. Hence, this is our first Product of the Year announcement for 2019. Job well done, PrimaLuna …”

TONE Audio - Aout 2019 - Préamplificateur + Amplificateur EVO 400
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